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The Alpha Project, presented by the Guns & Hoses Project, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which enables active-duty firefighters and law enforcement officers, as well as active-duty and post-9/11 combat-wounded special operators, to maintain and regain their physical and mental health. The Alpha Project is committed to helping those struggling with conditions such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury, combat stress, and physical limitations at either a low, or no out-of-pocket cost.

We believe our approach to balance and restore mental, physical, and emotional health can help prevent suicide as well as address an abundance of other mental health concerns within the veteran and first responder community. Our components include health-coaching, physical training, education, rehabilitation, nutrition, functional medicine, and testing. With the ultimate goal of recovery, we work with an extensive network of community partners to focus on the most important areas of need. Our presentation of services will always be in the light of biblical principles following the example and showing the love of Jesus.

Our Story

Alpha Project President, Dr. Jennifer Rivera-Wagner, PT, DPT, has a heartfelt connection to the tactical community. With her father being a U.S. Army® veteran, Doc Jen fell in love with the ethos and guiding principles found within the military early on. As she recalls, “ethos includes courage in the face of fire, a selflessness to serve a brother/sister, and a willingness to sacrifice everything for others, much like Jesus.”

Wanting to maintain a longstanding connection to the tactical community, she began her career with a clinical rotation at Fort Jackson, the U.S. Army’s main production center for basic combat training. After, she spent time working at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, GA. She also had the opportunity, through a nonprofit organization she was involved with, to work with elite operators such as the Navy Seals, United States Special Operations Command, Joint Special Operations Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, United States Army Rangers, and the United States Marine Raiders. 

Currently, Doc Jen owns and operates Accelerated Rehab & Performance, in Lakeland, FL. Accelerated offers the highest quality of physical rehabilitation and physical performance services with expertise, integrity, honesty, respect, and Christian morality. As Lakeland does not have a direct connection to a local military base, she maintains partnerships with the SWAT, firefighter, veteran, and first responder communities. Doc Jen and her husband, Sam, founded the Alpha Project (originally the Guns & Hoses Project, Inc.) in 2016 to focus on the application of holistic healing for active-duty firefighters, law enforcement officers, as well as active-duty and post-9/11 combat-wounded special operators. Through the implementation of individualized injury prevention, fitness programs, physical rehabilitation, and maximal recovery of mental health through faith in God, the Alpha Project aims to revitalize the warrior ethos that has been beaten down over time.

The Alpha Project also focuses on suicide prevention within the tactical community. Deaths by suicide carry a hopeless and darkness that weigh on the loved ones left behind. Doc Jen experienced this anguish firsthand after losing her mother by suicide in August 2012. Having endured this set of circumstances, she is passionate about helping others heal from the challenges that come from unstable mental health and suicide.

Doc Jen looks forward to establishing an Alpha Project retreat facility in Lakeland in the near future that will provide education, a holistic methodology, and resources for the physical, mental and spiritual challenges of today’s warriors. Presently, the Alpha Project is operated and provides services in conjunction with Accelerated Rehab & Performance. 

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Make A World of Difference


In the United States alone, more than 16 veterans commit suicide each day due to mental and behavioral health as well as substance use disorders*.


Alarmingly, first responders are also at risk for suicide – in 2019, there were more than 100 firefighter suicides in the United States**.


In 2019, there were also more than 200 police officer suicides in the United States**.

These numbers reflect the fact that first responders are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. The Alpha Project recognizes the sacrifices that these brave men and women have given to serve their communities. Through education, awareness, training, and mental health provision, it is our greatest privilege to work with our heroes to reduce burden of suicidal thoughts and actions, as well as increase quality of life. 

*Facts and figures derived from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

** Facts and figures derived from the BLUE H.E.L.P., FBHA.


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Our Future

Veterans, firefighters and law enforcement officers serve our communities in a number of virtuous ways. They represent honor, courage, safety and freedom. Due to the rigorous pace and variety of challenges in the line of duty, many are impacted emotionally, physically and spiritually by their work, past or present.

Often, warrior remnants may find themselves helpless and hopeless because of physical injuries as well as conditions like PTSD, depression and anxiety.

One of the goals of the Alpha Project is to provide a brick and mortar rehabilitation facility for our family of active-duty firefighters and law enforcement officers, as well as active-duty and post-9/11 combat-wounded special operators who need our help. By providing quality care, therapy (both mental health and physical) and the right resources, we feel we can positively make an impact on those in need.

“We are empowering the warrior remnant for such a time as this.”

They work hard to keep us safe…let’s renew their inner peace and outer strength.

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The Alpha Project, presented by Guns & Hoses Project, Inc., is a Florida registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit which enables active-duty firefighters and law enforcement officers, as well as active-duty and post-9/11 combat-wounded special operators to maintain and regain their physical and mental health.

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